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A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know. Diane Arbus


Enhancing your fine art photograph is all down to the frame you choose. Allow a professional fine art framer to help you decide what frame works best for your photograph and for the location you intend to hang it in. You can either choose a local professional fine art framer who you are already comfortable with or you can arrange framing through FPI Gallery. Our preferred partner is The Framing Depot. Steve Morkotinis, owner of The Framing Depot, has been in the business of professional art framing his entire career. Working with FPI Gallery, we can come up with the right frame solution for your photograph. Whether you want contemporary or traditional, there are many options to choose from and we can guide you on the one that best enhances your purchase.

Framing as an industry is constantly evolving with great innovations taking place. From acid free mats and mounting boards to the double miter saw and automatic v-nailer for cutting and joining frames with great precision and efficiency. Choosing the right glass is also important. Museum glass is the optimal choice because it not only looks practically invisible but it also filters out 99% of UV light. AR glass is the next best option. Optically, it is identical to museum glass, with two differences: (1)it filters 78% of UV light and (2)is approximately 40% less expensive.

From a conservation standpoint, UV filtering glass only slows down the process of deterioration in the art work without eliminating it. Please refer to our section on Protecting Fine Art Photography for more information on conservation best practices.

Museum and AR glass come in sizes as large as 40 x 60, as well as 48 x 96 in acrylic. Please contact info@fpigallery.com for more information and to receive a quote.

Other glass options are available as follows:

Regular glass45% UV filter
Non-glare (fuzzy)45% UV filter
UV Clear99% UV filter
UV non-glare (fuzzy)99% UV filter
Acrylic66% UV filter
Museum acrylic98% UV filter




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