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My work has always been a journey of learning, trying to understand our world and where the thresholds are: how we're using the planet and where we're coming close to the edge. Edward Burtynsky


FPI Gallery is not yet set up to handle secure payment by credit card or Paypal. Please be patient as we look to integrate that in the future.

If you are interested in making a purchase, the first step is to go to the Contact section and email your request citing the image reference and size. Once we have established an instruction to purchase from you in writing and your method of payment (Certified cheque is preferred as is an Electronic Funds Transfer), we will send you a PDF invoice electronically and confirmation of the edition number.

Please note that if writing a cheque, it must be made payable to Flash Photography Inc. (not FPI Gallery). This is clearly noted on the electronic invoice.

Certified cheques are preferred simply to ensure immediate clearance as your purchase will not be shipped or handed over to you until payment clears.

We appreciate your patience while we work on providing a digital solution to an online purchase instruction.

Clarifying a Common Misconception

There is a common misconception that prices can be negotiated by dealing directly with the artist. This is absolutely not true. Artists set a price for their work and the price set by the artist cannot be moved, altered or changed by the artist. Only the marketplace can influence demand and appreciation of a work or in very unique circumstances, depreciation (i.e., it is no longer considered to be in vogue to collectors). Discounts are never available. The reason for this is that it would compromise the integrity of the value of the work and the investment/appreciation opportunity. The only way to potentially purchase a work at a discount is to buy it in the secondary market (i.e., a collector may have purchased it at the original price set by the artist and then for personal reasons might need to sell it in the secondary market at a discounted price).

It is standard practice to purchase directly from the artist's representative whose role it is to focus on promoting the artist's work. While the artist can (if their contract with a representative allows) choose to sell directly to collectors, it can hinder their ability to concentrate on their craft and evolve their work. With the exception of a few successful self-promoting artists like Damien Hirst, sales is generally left to the discipline of a credible artist agent/dealer/representative.




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