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The painter constructs, the photographer discloses. Susan Sontag

Alison Dalglish-Pottow

Alison Dalglish-Pottow

I’ve always had a passion for art, cultivated by the extensive travel my parents provided to me throughout my childhood. I would sit for hours and reflect upon the vast inventory of artwork in museums around the world, contemplating what inspired each artist to conceptualize that special moment, object, person or location that so clearly captivated them. This deep connection to art fostered a natural gift for drawing and painting, acknowledged in high school by the art awards received. At McGill University, I would graduate with a BA in English Literature with electives in fine art. In my graduating year I applied to the prestigious Works of Art Course run by Sotheby’s Educational Studies in London, England. After interviewing in New York, I received one of sixty placements offered worldwide. The course was intensive and extensive in curriculum covered. It was a rare opportunity to learn from the best art experts in the world about all those wonderful works I had seen in my travels and then be given the privilege to see them living in the homes of England’s most exclusive estates. Upon completion I immersed myself professionally in art gaining particular expertise on the preservation and risk management aspects of art collections, taking those skills with me into private client services. Consulting ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families across the United States and abroad on managing their art collections allowed me the unique opportunity to see some of the most exceptional works held in private homes and aboard luxury yachts.

While my career has not always concentrated on art, art has always been a point of passion.

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**Alison is Co-Chair, Art Committee for Art Gems 2014 and sits on the Special Events Advisory Committee (SEAC) of the AGO.




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